Let us design a package to showcase the properties you are selling

House History Research

The history of your House or property can be as revealing as your own family genealogy. Your property’s history will reveal not only the names and stories of past residents at that address, but Archive Search will research on your behalf the diverse types of documentation that have been created and compiled on the ownership, occupation and usage of your property. Searching through Archives, Museums, and Libraries for the documents that pertain to your address, we will consult and utilize a variety of sources to unearth the story; Municipal files (building permits), Federal Government files (census returns, electoral returns), Cartographic material (Fire Insurance Maps, Historical Maps), Estate Papers (Wills, Administration), Newspapers (Obituaries, relevant articles), Phone and Street City Directories.

Whether conducting research to discover the architectural facts to the date of construction or the name of the architect / builder of your home, Archive Search can tailor a package that will suit your research needs. The history of home ownership is a major component to the background history of your property.

Depending on the size of the search, a single property or an entire neighbourhood the records specific to your property could include the following:

  • photographs (archival and contemporary if available) photo reproduction charges are separate cost from the researching your house
  • the land usage, before your house was built
  • historical maps
  • the historical development of your neighbourhood and street, where your property is located
  • the date of construction of buildings on your property
  • the value of your building when constructed
  • residents of the property
  • census returns of your address (where available)
  • the architectural styling of your property
  • local histories
  • land registry records

In today’s real estate market the home owners who purchase expensive homes are not just interested in the history and heritage of the property but the layout and landscape of the land. They see themselves as custodians of the property and want to have more information on their new purchase. Realtors are been asked to reflect more of the historical background material in the sales market

To assist the Real Estate Agents we offer property packages that detail:
• Previous ownership
• Maps, Landscape drawings if they exist
• Plan drawings
• Property analysis
• Usage
• Historical pedigree

Let us design a package to showcase the properties you are selling.

Archive Search specializes in researching the local history that shaped your ancestors lives. We investigate the social, cultural

religious and political aspects of our ancestors’ lives whether they lived in a city, town or village.