Our team welcomes the opportunity to help you on your research journey


The study of family history and tracing ones ancestral roots has captured the popular imagination with the world wide broadcasting of Who Do You Think You Are? Series and the PBS Series Faces of America. Family historians are going online in record numbers to find their ancestors and are able to trace their families back 2-3 generations. When the information trail ends for them, they will not be aware of further documentation that is available to research at Archives and Repositories. Archive Search, with our specialist researchers, can help you take your research further. We tailor our research packages to suit your individual needs and budgets and access a variety of Archives regionally and world wide. Your genealogy research package will be compiled by a professional genealogist who will produce a Client Research Report of your ancestor(s).

We at Archive Search are passionate about research and researching for the documents that your ancestors generated during their life time. We seek out primary source information that recorded your not only your ancestors Life Events but everyday occurrences. We use on-line sources, visits to Archives, repositories, libraries and museums to seek out material that will shed light on your ancestor’s life. Below is a sampling of the sources we search to find the information that goes into the producing a comprehensive Client Research Report: Vital Statistics (Birth/Marriage/Death Records); Parish Records; Census Records; Immigration, Emigration and Naturalization Records; Probate Records; Military Records; Tax Rolls; Court Records; Directories; Cartographic Maps; and Newspapers.

Where copyright law permits, we will include scans of original documents in the Client Research Report; otherwise we use transcription and abstraction as alternate methods to convey the contents of the original documents.

Each Client Research Report is written by a professional genealogist and is peer reviewed for additions, omissions and accuracy. A comprehensive listing of repositories that were visited and used in the research is included as well as a research calendar of documented cited sources used in the researching and writing of the Client Research Report. The Client Research Report examines the documents alone and then in their entirety with other found sources and gives professional suggestions to take the search further.

The Client Research Report will include some of the following Family Charts such as Descendency, Pedigree, and Family Group Sheets to illustrate relationships for visual clarity, while location photographs and illustrations are used for historical context.

The Archive Research Team will be glad to help you with your research journey. Whether you are starting out, or have hit a brick wall, a research package can be designed that combines the resources available online with archival information available at the archives.