Through digital images we can explain and highlight your research story

Photographic Research

Photographic Services
Location, Architectural and Cemetery imagery are just a few of the areas we specialize in for our clients. We can supply a digital image that will visually explain or highlight your research story.

Archive Search has had the opportunity to photograph on five continents and photographic images of a small plot of land or expansive landscape scenery can be obtained.

Our ancestors immigrated to countries but it is to the urban neighbourhoods and rural landscapes they came to live out their lives. Capturing the details of your ancestor’s life through photographs in these neighbourhoods and landscapes will enrich the understanding of your family’s history and place your ancestors’ live in a historical context. Photographing a city, town, or village with its neighbourhoods will place your ancestor in a specific geographic location within a spatially defined social network at a specific time as they worked, married, raised their families, attended church and joined social organizations.

Archive Search specializes in documenting houses and businesses and we can locate and photograph the properties that your ancestor may have owned, or rented through out their lives. The Census Returns can send us off in search of visual representation of the found addresses of our ancestors. Peope often wonder what did the house, business, church or educational institute looked like that their ancestors lived in, worked in, worshipped in or went to school at. A photograph from Archive Search can indicate how large or small the dwelling or business was and how prosperous a neighbourhood your ancestors came to inhabit.

Photographs of properties can be ordered separtately or combined with a house or business history package.

Monumental Inscription Searches
If Life is the journey than Death is the destination and whether its a small country church graveyard, a family cemetery, or a large city burial grounds, a photograph of the gravestone, monumental inscription or plot will help commemerate and document the finally resting place of your ancestor. Archive Search can combine historical information about the cemetery itself with a single burial photograph or a photograph of the grave within its location context in the cemetery.

Contact us with your research project and we can design a package that includes photographs for you.