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Research Services

Archive Search is a professional research service that undertakes commissions in Genealogy, Media Research, Photography, Probate Genealogy, and researching the history of your house.

Our genealogical researchers can help you find those documents that will move your research back in time and add another generation to your family tree.

We are experts at surmounting brick wall problems, often finding solutions in alternative sources. Let us help you trace your migrating family members to find where they emigrated in the world and what resources are available for further research.

Let us help you with your Media Research requirements; we are effective researchers who can access the right information quickly and accurately. We work in all types of media formats, from film to the World Wide Web.

Whether we are researching for a photographic image or taking the photograph ourselves, we will capture what you want in the areas of location shooting, architectural representation or the headstone and monumental inscription of a loved one. Give us a shot.

Probate Genealogy involving probate cases of intestacy, can be long and involved process to find all the beneficiaries to an estate. Some of the heirs may have died; others moved away; others a change of name, this can present a problem in compiling family trees. Let us find the documentation to prove a relationship to the deceased and the locations of the beneficiaries who are entitled to inherit.

Interested in researching your house or business, or curious as to who owned the house before you purchased, or what was on the land a century ago? Let Archive Search investigate when your house was built and who its first owners were and who lived in your neighbourhood. Unearth the history of why your neighbourhood came into existence and who the builder was. From the planned Garden cities of the UK to Suburban neighbourhoods, Archive Search is committed to finding the documentation that will enlighten your understanding of the WHERE you live.

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